Helping Businesses Grow Bigger

Pride Copywriting combines the science of marketing with the art of storytelling to help businesses connect with more people, and ultimately grow bigger.


Do you struggle to connect with clients and prospects in a meaningful way? Are you unsure if you should be blogging, tweeting, or sending clients a monthly newsletter? Do you want to showcase more brand personality in your communication material? We can help.

With expertise in marketing and client engagement strategy, Pride Copywriting can ensure you have the right strategies in place to attract and keep more clients. We also specialise in helping businesses articulate their brand story and be distinctive. This not only helps you to get noticed over competitors, but it can also position your business as a market leader.

And with training in journalism, our writers are experts at telling stories through your marketing content to make it more meaningful, interesting, persuasive and powerful. We can write anything your business needs – from websites, emails, newsletters and brochures to advertisements, reports and speeches.

To find out how you can work with Pride Copywriting to help your business grow, email or call 0449 521 591 to organise a free consultation.

What We Do Best

Marketing Strategy

Want to reach more people or turn more leads into clients? We can formulate a strategy for any budget to ensure you are always busy with work.

Client Engagement Strategy

There is a direct correlation between client engagement and business success. Speak to us about ways to connect with your clients on a regular basis.


Let your words inform, educate, persuade and inspire. Newsletters, blogs, letters, articles, brochures, media releases, speeches… Whatever you need – we write it all.

Website Copy and SEO

Don’t just have a website. Have a website that works hard for your business every minute of every day. Captivate prospective clients and show up in search engine results.

What others say about us

Glenn Bower

Nicole offered North Ward Realty clear guidance on improving SEO, so much so that we usually make it to the first page and often first business listed under paid ads. In a word – brilliant!

Glenn Bower Principal & Owner North Ward Realty
Jemma O’Connor

Nicole’s approach is not only professional but personal, putting herself in the shoes of her clients to help get a greater understanding of our needs.

Jemma O’Connor Founder Middletree
Peter Collins

We have a complex message to a range of different stakeholders, and Nicole was able to understand that quickly and return to us a strategy that has been very successful.

Peter Collins Business Development ManagerOsmotion
Anthony Toth

Nicole helped me define why I’m passionate about what I do, and essentially built the story around my brand. Nicole is one of the best at what she does.

Anthony Toth Owner ProPath Performance

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Why Us?

Pride Copywriting can help your business grow with more interesting and engaging communication material.

Whether it is through a story, an article, brochure, newsletter, website, blog or video, communication should always connect with its audience on a personal level. It should engage, resonate and make a lasting impression.

Yet this basic principle of communication is often forgotten when it comes to business communication. Business communication is often boring. It lacks personality, colour, people, and stories… the very things needed to make communication relevant and memorable.

But Pride Copywriting wants to change this. It wants businesses to BE DISTINCTIVE by telling their business’s stories. It wants business communication to showcase brand personality. And with a team of writers who are trained in journalism, Pride Copywriting can help you achieve this.

We’re also passionate about strategy. Having a marketing or client engagement strategy is like having a roadmap. It shows you exactly how to get to where you want to be – as fast as possible. And we use the science of marketing to devise strategies that are proven to work.

How We Are Different

  • Storytelling

    Stories not only connect with people in a meaningful way but they also help them make sense of complex messages. We’ll help you grow your business by telling stories that build bridges and trust between you and your clients.

  • Strategy

    Brilliant communication and content is nothing without strategy so it is seen by the right people. We can formulate strategies to ensure your business gets noticed.

  • Distinctive Communication

    At Pride Copywriting, we don’t use buzz words.  We work hard to understand why your business is unique and then we make sure your communication is distinctive to reflect that.

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